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Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary, speaking during a press conference at the White House, Wednesday, reaffirmed the reasons as to why the conflict in Syria would not turn into a proxy war between the US and Russia. One reason is that the US "would welcome Russia's constructive contribution to the broader international coalition that has been formed to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL. Russia has declined to make that constructive contribution thus far," said Earnest before adding that the US is open to a constructive contribution. According to the White House spokesperson, the efforts of the international coalition "that was built and led by the United States is one that is focused on ISIL. This is a multi-pronged strategy focused on degrading and ultimately destroying ISIL. Russia claims to share that goal," said Earnest. The White House spokesperson added that the United States "would welcome a change" in Russia's "strategy to more effectively accomplish that goal that they have claimed to set out for themselves." Earnest also stated the notion that US President Barack Obama’s "top priority when it comes to confronting a very difficult situation in Syria is the safety and security of the American people," before suggesting that it was merely Republican rhetoric that is "essentially goading" Obama to "try to engage in a proxy war with Russia."


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