Homan Square Detainee Describes Sexually Abuse At Chicago Police Black Site

For psychological reasons, Angel Perez does not call what happened to him rape.
But he vividly recalls being taken to Homan Square, a warehouse used by the Chicago police for incommunicado detentions, where police tortured him with a metallic object.
Perez is now the 13th person the Guardian has interviewed since February who has described being taken by police to a warehouse on Chicago’s west side; kept without a record of his whereabouts available to the public; and shackled for hours or even days without access to a lawyer.
Most of them have been black, Hispanic and poor.
Some allege sexual and physical abuse; all allege that they were in an inherently coercive environment.
Few were charged with a crime, and police took those who were to actual police stations for booking after detention at Homan.
Police and local media have dismissed their stories, focusing instead on the atmospherics of how secretive the facility is.