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UK:Johnson and Hunt depart after final Tory leadership debate

0 16.07.2019 Инфо

W/S Conservative party leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt leaving debate, London
W/S Hunt's car leaving debate
M/S Camera operator
W/S Conservative party leadership candidate Boris Johnson leaving debate
W/S Garage closing
W/S Vehicle leaving
M/S Sign
M/S Sign
Former UK foreign secretary and Prime Ministerial candidate Boris Johnson and current UK Foreign Secretary and Prime Ministerial candidate Jeremy Hunt were seen leaving The News Building in London on Monday after completing their final debate in their campaigns to become the new Tory leader.
The current foreign secretary Hunt and his predecessor Johnson are the final two candidates to replace UK Prime Minister Theresa May as both the leader of the country and the Conservative Party on July 24.
Voting for Conservative Party members began on July 6, and will conclude on July 21, with a result expected to be announced on July 23.