Donald Trump's Twitter Tirade Targets Escaped Cartel Kingpin

From losing profitable business endeavors to gaining the current limelight for Republican presidential hopefuls, Donald Trump has had quite the month since his now infamous announcement speech.
He's also made quite a powerful enemy, should any of this Twitter non-sense prove true.
According to TMZ, Trump is claiming that a son of Joaquin Guzman has threatened him via Twitter.
Guzman, known as El Chapo, heads the Sinaloa drug cartel and recently escaped again from incarceration in Mexico.
The alleged threat was tweeted in Spanish.
Trump tells TMZ he's not backing down.
The real estate mogul has spent much of Monday lambasting Guzman on a twitter tirade.
Interestingly, and despite his profession, Guzman held the 67th rank on Forbes 2013 Most Powerful people.
Though on other Forbes lists, Trump has never been honored with the same distinction.