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Hong Kong: 'Glory to Hong Kong' protest anthem echoes in shopping centre rally

5 22.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters unveiling banners during protest inside Shatin New Town Plaza shopping centre, Hong Kong
W/S Protesters start singing "Glory to Hong Kong"
W/S Protesters unveiling banners
W/S Protesters applauding
W/S Protesters shouting slogans
W/S Protesters' rally
M/S Banners
W/S Protesters on mall's floors
M/S Protesters making origami and placing it on art installation
W/S Protesters singing "Glory to Hong Kong"
Hong Kong protesters sang their grassroots anthem in Shatin New Town Plaza shopping centre on Sunday as they rallied ahead of the day’s protests.
Footage shows hundreds of people chanting inside the shopping centre and unveiling banners from the mall's balconies. Some folded origamis and placed them on what seemed to be a protest art installation.
Composed by an artist going by the pseudonym of Thomas dgx yhl and using lyrics from Hong Kong netizens, the anthem has been widely adopted by the protesters.
Hong Kong has been rocked since March by demonstrations sparked by a planned, but now-withdrawn extradition bill. The rallies have evolved into a movement with wider grievances against the Hong Kong administration.