India: Lights and mic gets cut as Putin speaks about NSA wiretapping journalists

Russian President Vladimir Putin joked "did I say something wrong?" as the lights and microphone cut out as he was speaking to journalists about the United States' National Security Service (NSA) spying on media workers, on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit in Goa, Sunday.
The Russian leader also slammed the US for ignoring intelligence warnings before the Boston bombings in the US, stating "They sent them an official written notification that we were working on certain people, they posed a danger and we suggested to work on them together. There was no reply," adding that "we received an answer after the second or the third attempt: 'They are the citizens of the United States, do not bother us, we will deal with it by ourselves'."
Putin also gave an example of Russian-US cooperation during the Sochi Olympic Games, pointing out that it was "positive."
Answering a question about new Brazilian President Michel Temer and Wikileaks documents that he could be recruited by the US, Vladimir Putin said that he does not know "anything about it" and it is not a subject of interest for him. "We have very warm relations with Brazil, nothing has been changed since the moment when there was a change of power," he added.
Putin also remarked on the coloured Indian 'Bandi' jackets, worn in a group photo with the BRICS leaders in Goa, Saturday, stating "I am very embarrassed, because I did not know that and we did not chose them [the bandi jackets]. They just brought it to me."
The 8th BRICS Summit, taking place on October 15 and 16 in Goa, brings together delegations from all the members states to discuss cooperation within the organisation as well as to exchange views on a range of other key regional and international affairs.