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Germany: Lavrov suggests removal of heavy weaponry from Ukraine frontlines

127 06.11.2015 Инфо

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, expressed his desire that "the departure of light weapons of 100mm calibre and smaller is conducted in accordance with the schedule," in reference to the removal of light weaponry from the Donbass contact line, following a meeting of the 'Normandy Quartet' in Berlin, Friday. "Secondly, we agreed on the fact that the scheme of the departure of the small calibre weaponry may be also applied to larger calibre weapons," added Lavrov. As well as the removal of heavy weaponry, Lavrov stressed that "special attention was also paid to the problem of demining." Which, according to the Russian diplomat, 'poses threats to the situation during the winter period, because the recovery of economic infrastructure, commercial facilities and social services, which all depend on demining.' The meeting follows an invitation from German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier to the foreign ministers of France, Laurent Fabius, Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin as well as Russia, Sergei Lavrov, generally known as the 'Normandy Quartet,' to discuss and try to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.