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A group of 20 children of various ages practised intensive army exercises, including weapon-carrying training, in one of the private 'military-style' rehab correctional facilities for internet-addicted children on the outskirts of Beijing, Tuesday. Despite National Holidays in China, most of the parents chose to send their offspring to military training in order to get rid of their technology addiction. The Xicheng Military Training Base provides children aged from six to 13 a five-day intensive experience - challenging them to live without computer games and smartphones by embracing a full military lifestyle and specially tailored programmes. According to ex-People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldier and founder of the camp, Mr. Jiang, instead of focusing on the academic study, the kids' parents hope to build up their offspring's confidence and independence through hardship. Apart from the physical training, the children are also lectured on Chinese history. At the moment, over 250 camps for internet and computer game addicted children are functioning in China.


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