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Several hundred refugees were left stranded on the Berkasovo-Bapska border crossing in Serbia on Tuesday, awaiting approval from Croatian authorities for permission to cross the border and continue their journey through Europe. Stranded in a no-mans land, hundreds of people amassed at the border, drenched after torrential rain had lashed down throughout the night. The bad weather conditions caused disruption and delays as Croatian police struggled to deal with the numbers. Earlier in the day, Croatian authorities allowed 2000 refugees to cross in from Serbia, but afterwards closed the border letting only the ill and those in wheel chairs pass through. A dispute over the handling of refugees has emerged between both Serbia and Croatia. The fall-out between the two countries manifested as Croatia began turning away vehicles and migrants at its borders, saying it could not cope with the numbers. Today, signs of hope were restored when a steady stream of people were allocated access. However conditions deteriorate for those still stranded.


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