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Greece: Refugees at Idomeni camp bussed to new camps

18 25.03.2016 Инфо

Around 20 buses arrived at Idomeni camp, Friday, to transport around 1,000 people to new refugee camps set up in northern Greece. The buses leaving today took people to Veroia and Katerini.
People were reluctant to leave and some refugees asked others not to board the buses. Marco Buono, UNHCR Head of Field Office, said that "nobody is obliged to move and nobody is forced to move."
The people that started leaving today are those willing to leave, such as Walaa Gbara, a Syrian refugee from near Damascus. He said of the Idomeni camp, “I can't stay here another day.”
Around 12,000 people have been stranded in the Idomeni refugee camp, as well as in the surrounding fields and petrol stations. The situation in the camp is deteriorating and, while some people want to stay, others are looking to leave, wherever that may take them.
The Greek-Macedonian border has been closed since the beginning of March, which is preventing refugees from travelling to northern Europe.