Mexico: Meet the NINE-year-old who takes postgrad biochemistry classes

Nine-year-old Carlos Santamaria, who is about to start the 5th year in primary school, attended a postgraduate class in biochemistry at the National Autonomous University (UNAM) in Mexico City on Friday. Carlos' teachers used to think he was suffering from an attention deficit disorder, since he kept falling asleep in class. However one day he found a chemistry bookand after reading it, began devouring all related materials he was able to get his hands on ever since. According to Carlos' father, Fabian Santamaria, his family decided to enrol him in university when it became clear that he "has the ability to understand any type of information." The nine-year-old now attends primary school with other kids as well as postgraduate classes where some students are 20 or 30 years his senior. Carlos says he still considers himself to be "a normal kid, just with different abilities." Since being enrolled at university he has reportedly stopped falling asleep during class and started to enjoy learning once again.