Ukraine: Odessa Right Sector arrests spark tyre-burning demo

Odessa's local branch leader of the outlawed ultra-nationalist group "Right Sector" Sergei Sternenko was arrested in the southern Ukrainian city, Tuesday, prompting supporters of Ukraine's far-right movements to stage a protest in his defence. The protesters, many of them masked and dressed in military fatigue with t-shirts bearing the emblem of pro-Maidan group 'AutoMaidan', burned tires outside the city's Primorsky district court house. Other supporters of the detainees carried Ukrainian and Right Sector flags. A heavy police presence was deployed in a bid to prevent further escalation. Sternenko is suspected of being involved in the kidnapping of local prosecutor for the city's District Council Sergei Scherbich. The Right Sector representative was arrested along with another Odessa Right Sector representative Ruslan Demchuk and the leader of Odessa's Automaidan group Rezvushkina Eugene. All the detainees are being charged with involvement in the abduction.