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Турция: Базата "Инджирлик" обиколена от униформени за проверка на сигурността

7 975 31.07.2016 Инфо

Over 7,000 armed Turkish police in heavy vehicles surrounded the US and NATO Incirlik military airbase in Adana, Sunday, for what Turkish authorities have called a 'security check' amid rumours of another military coup attempt.
The entrance to the military base was closed off with armed security forces and TOMA armoured riot control vehicles surrounding the site.
The reported 'inspection' of the military base comes ahead of an expected visit to Turkey by US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford, who is due to arrive in Turkey on Sunday and, according to local media, is also due to visit the Incirlik airbase.
On Thursday, protesters surrounded the Incirlik airbase demanding its closure with some alleging that the base was used in connection with the failed military coup on July 15. The protesters, numbering over 1,000, were chanting anti-US and anti-Israel slogans.
Following the coup attempt, the commander of the airbase General Bekir Ercan Van was detained by Turkish authorities and accused with having a connection to July's failed military coup, along with over a dozen lower ranking officers. Turkish prosecutors and police also searched the facilities following the coup attempt.