USA: Black Lives Matter protesters bring traffic to a halt in New York

'Black Lives Matter' protesters marched through New York's Brooklyn neighbourhood on Saturday, to protest against police brutality and the recent police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.
Protesters broke police lines, causing major traffic delays throughout the city. At one stay, activists managed to take both sides of the FDR highway for 25 blocks.
At least 4 arrests were made near Union Square, however protesters have vowed to continue marching throughout the night.
Sterling, 37, was shot when two police officers went to investigate a claim that he was in possession of a gun while selling CDs in the parking lot of the Triple S Food Mart. Castile's death came just one day after the death of Sterling, also at the hands of a police officer. Demonstrations have been held across the US following the two police killings.