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Dog lovers line up to adopt 'unicorn puppy' found on the streets

3 455 14.11.2019 Инфо

C/U Puppy playing with toy, Jackson, Missouri
C/U Puppy playing with toy and rescue worker
A puppy with a tail growing out of his forehead became an online celebrity after a non-profit group which discovered him posted this video online on Wednesday.
Narwhal, nicknamed by many a 'unicorn puppy', was found on the streets in Jackson in the US state of Missouri last Saturday by the dog rescue organisation Mac's Mission and sent to a shelter for animals with special needs.
Mac's Mission said on its Facebook page that doctors who examined Narwhal believe the second tail to be a birth defect with no risk for the puppy's health.
The group says it received more than 50 adoption applications for Narwhal but vets warn that his new owners will have to wait until the puppy gets older while his 'unicorn' is being monitored.
Mandatory credit: Mac's Mission