Russia: Putin and Medvedev visit Kerch Bridge site

Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): "We just wanted to see how the working process is going on and whether is everything ok. What do you think is everything ok?"
Worker (Russian): "Everything is good."
Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): "Is everything according to the timetable?"
Worker (Russian): "Yes."
Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): "Are there any failures in construction supplies or transport or somewhere else? How do you leave in general?"
Worker (Russian): "Yes, everything is good."
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited the construction site of the Kerch Bridge, which will link Crimea with the Russian mainland, on Thursday.
Workers responded to Putin’s inquiries about the construction process by expressing satisfaction with both the operation – where they reported no delays in materials or transport – and the living conditions on site.
Earlier in the day at a meeting of the State Council President, Putin said that the Kerch Bridge was the most important national project. When it is finished it will be 19 kilometres (11.80 miles) long, featuring two vehicle lanes in each direction, and two railway tracks.