Бг ! Dark Spirit - In Flames * Lyrics + превод * Пловдив България # метъл група official music video

Излезе вторият сингъл, придружен с видео, на пловдивската Heavy/Power Metal банда Dark Spirit.
Очаквайте вторият студиен албум на групата през 2016г.
Сподели! Подкрепи Българската музика!

Dark Spirit second single+video, "In Flames" ,from their upcoming second album.

Dark Spirit is a heavy/power metal band from Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
The band impress with a modern sound and original music and lyrics. Released their firs album "The Spirit Never Dies" in 2011. Now working on their second one, expected to be released 2016.

Recorded and mixed by Stoio Popov, ALCATRAZZ-STUDIO, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Записано и миксирано от Стойо Попов, ALCATRAZZ-STUDIO, Пловдив, България.

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1.Live in order, die in order and society will give you
False redemption and ugly perfection
They want you soul,
public controlled
I ll never be one of you
I ll do want I`ve gotta do

You, you belong to the wind
You belong to the sky

Don’t want your glory
Don’t need your fame
Don’t want your future
I just want to live my life in flammes

2. Breath it in don’t breath it out
Who can tell you when your soul
is gone or taken
your heart forsaken
When you will cry
And when you must die
Your heart and soul don’t exist
don’t think you`ll be sorely missed

WE are heading for downward descending
We are going straight down to hell
Passed our lives without understanding
Locked up in each others shell