Bill O'Reilly Makes It Clear He Doesn't Understand What Transgender Means-

Bill O'Reilly stirring the pot?! That's new.
The Fox News host has yet again said some things that raised a few eyebrows, while addressing gender identity.
During yesterday's episode of The O'Reilly Factor, the veteran cable personality did a segment on "misgendering," discussing how people can identify as one of six genders. O'Reilly brought up the topic, he said, because of a "loon" who suggested that outlets be fined for not correctly identifying transgender people. O'Reilly openly expressed confusion over the issue, and that's when Caitlyn Jenner was brought up as an example. O'Reilly bluntly stated, "Pardon me for this, but from the waist down, he is a ‘he,' according to ‘she.'