GM Dodges A Bullet In Court

This week, General Motors prevailed in a very important court case.
According to Auto News, a U.S. bankruptcy judge has ruled that the automaker's 2009 restructuring shields it from a number of lawsuits stemming from last year's Switchgate fiasco.
Unfortunately for GM, that may not be the end of the story.
2014 was a rough year for GM. It started off nicely, as the company reveled in the appointment of Mary Barra as CEO -- the first woman to hold such a position at a major automaker.
In February, though, things went South, when GM recalled more than a million older vehicles for faulty ignition switches.
Dozens of other recalls followed -- some related, some not -- and by the time we toasted the arrival of 2015, the automaker had recalled more than 30 million vehicles worldwide.