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Bombing the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), "like Americans want to" will not solve the problem, journalist and author Jurgen Todenhofer, after having spent time speaking with IS members, at one of his book readings in Frankfurt on Thursday. After numerous Skype conversations and e-mails Todenhofer was the first western journalist to be accepted in the circles of IS and to travel to their location and meet its members personally. He advocates a peaceful solution, namely integrating Iraqi Sunnis back into political life and a focus on "national reconciliation." Only once this has been achieved will IS's powers be weakened according to Todenhofer. The United States and its coalition members are carry out attacks against IS on a regular basis. 22 airstrikes against IS in Iraq and Syria were carried out within the last 24 hours a Combined Joint Task Force statement announced on Thursday.


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