USA: Protester voices anger over Charleston church shooting

A protester, identifying only as Sista Solove, voiced her anger outside Charleston's court, Friday, as church shooting suspect Dylann Roof faced nine murder charges and one charge for possession of a firearm inside the building. "I'm mad. I am pissed. What are we supposed to do with the anger? What do we do? We can't go pray, that's not working", Solove said to press. "Black America is angry and we are tired; and there is not going to be no more kumbaya. We're not happy, we're not praying. Black folks get off your knees stop praying to the white Jesus and get it together," she added. Roof reportedly sat for one hour of a Bible study class at the Emanuel AME Church, before shooting six women and nine men on Wednesday evening. Inside the court, Roof confessed to the killings and was charged with nine counts of murder and one charge for possession of a firearm. The suspect only spoke via video link when the judge asked him a question and otherwise remained silent for the rest of the hearing. Relatives of the victims addressed Roof one by one personally, some saying they forgive him for what he has done. Roof killing nine people is being treated as a hate crime and the bond has been set at $1 million (€879,000).