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The Bulgarian parliament has decided not to review its support for the European Union sanctions on Russia, despite opposition from the nationalist Ataka party and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) in Sofia on Wednesday. Mihail Mikov, the Leader of the BSP, said “sanctions have caused severe damages to Bulgaria." “Today the question of the sanction's cancellation is more real, as various European leaders defined sanctions against the Russian Federation as non-effective, as an obstacle for better relations and a dialogue with Russia. They also defined sanctions as harmful with Russia involved in resolving the problems in Syria,” Mikov added. The motion had support from the other end of the political spectrum, with right-wing Ataka leader, Volen Siderov, saying “Ataka supports everything concerning the cancellation of sanctions against the Russian Federation.” The debate came at the behest of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), who wanted to review the sanctions which were implemented in conjunction with the conflict in eastern Ukraine.


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