Sending Ice to Antarctica

Scientists are planning to ship ice to the Antarctic. They're afraid that mountain glaciers around the world are melting as a result of climate change and want to store samples of ice in a new vault in the coldest place on Earth.
At 4,350m the Col du Dome sits just below the summit of Mont Blanc.
Covered in snow, it appears to be a permanent, frozen fixture in the Alps - but looks can be deceptive.
Jerome Chappellaz, of the French National Centre for Scientific Research which is involved in creating a new ice store in the Antarctic, said, "In 1994 we measured the temperature inside the glacier and in 2005 we went to the same place and we saw a warming of 1.5C. When it comes to non-polar glaciers, because of global warming, a lot of them are going to disappear this century and those at the highest altitudes are already experiencing summer melting."