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German activist group "Centre for Political Beauty" buried the remains of a mother in Berlin, alongside the symbolic burial of her two-year-old child on Tuesday in a bid to bring the crisis of migrant deaths to the German capital and its lawmakers. The mother and daughter drowned while making the crossing from North Africa to the southern shores of Europe. The daughter's remains were never found. The Muslim ceremony, which took place at the Gatow Cemetery in Berlin, was attended by family members as well as journalists, activists and members of the public. The activist group symbolically reserved seats for members of the German government. However these remained empty throughout the service. The burial comes as part of a wider project by the group that hopes to bring the problem of dead migrants to lawmakers in Berlin. The programme culminates in a grand project that hopes to convert the area in front of the German Chancellery into a graveyard dedicated to "unknown migrants." The move comes as EU nations discuss policies aimed at dealing with the crisis, which has recently seen unprecedented numbers of migrants attempting the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean, which in turn has led to deaths of thousands of migrants. Up to 30 times more migrants have died making the crossing in 2015 than during the previous year. The group plan to march to the Bundestag on June 21 armed with "flowers, shovels, pickaxes or even jackhammers" and accompanied by industrial diggers.


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