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USA: Russian troops operating in E. Ukraine... but details "tough to verify" - US gov

20 24.04.2015 Инфо

Journalist (in English): "So how many, how many troops do you think are in – Russian troops are in -and you were very clear that these – these violations are – that they’ve moved more defence units inside of eastern Ukraine. Do you – can you tell us – give us more figures on how many units or troops are – have been moved in, or - Harf: "Yeah. It’s a tough thing to obtain or verify, mainly because Russia has tactics of deliberately trying to camouflage its involvement in eastern Ukraine. It’s really hard to get precise information about the Russian troop numbers specifically, but we know there’s a substantial Russian presence. We’ve laid out, again, some of the weapons; those are a little easier to detect. But we know there is a substantial presence there." When asked for evidence of Russian support in eastern Ukraine, US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf lacked precise figures for the number of Russian soldiers in the country as she held a press briefing in Washington, Friday. While Harf argued Russia is "deliberately trying to camouflage its involvement in eastern Ukraine" and said a "substantial Russian presence" exists in the region, she was unable to provide any factual information or further details on the subject. Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegations.