JetBlue Starts Charging for All Checked Baggage

Another one bites the dust.
JetBlue, which had long touted its one free checked bag perk, started charging for the first checked piece of luggage Tuesday, the airline said in a statement.
Customers who booked flights before Tuesday will still be able to check a suitcase for free, but those booking last-minute summer vacations and all other trips on or after Tuesday will have to pay up to $25 for their first checked bag.
JetBlue announced the plan to start charging for all checked luggage in November of last year, but didn't say specifically when the charges would go into effect or outline the specifics. Passengers who indicate they have a more than carry-on luggage when checking in online or at a kiosk will pay $20, while those utilizing the convenience of the check-in counter will pay $25, according to the airline.