Russia: Putin welcomes completion of energy bridge to Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked all the parties involved in the construction of the energy bridge to Crimea while speaking via video conference from Sochi, Wednesday.
"I would like to thank the engineers and workers, everyone who participated in the construction of this object, for selfless work, for their honest and very responsible attitude. You already know that you have performed a very important for the country task and coped with it brilliantly,” Putin said.
The Russian president noted that "in a short time we managed to break through the Crimean energy blockade," before adding: "I have no doubts that we will be able to break through any other blockade if someone wants to test us."
Discussing the energy bridge, Putin said: "It should definitely provide uninterrupted power supply to industrial, infrastructural and social facilities, and it will be more than enough to withstand the load during the summer holiday season when millions of tourists, millions of visitors come to the peninsula."
Energy supplies were cut to Crimea after power lines were blown-up on the Ukrainian side of the border in the Kherson Region on November 22, 2015. Russia launched the first energy line from the Krasnodar Territory to support the peninsula in December.