Majestic - Turn It Up [official video]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Allrounda
Lyrics, Sound Recording & Mastering: Majestic
Models: Nadin Galabova, Nikoleta Galabova, Maria Nikolova & Geri Trifonova
Camera Operator: Damian Dongov
Video Editing & Post Production: Vassil Vassilev



Somebody, somebody save me,
This music is taking over my soul,
DJ turn it up!
Oh how the rhythm is playing,
My whole body shaking,
Don’t wanna escape it,
DJ turn it up!

[Verse 1]

Ey ey ey, what it do bay-bay?
Today was the day of my pay-day!
You know what that means – going crazy,
Bottle of champagne – just take it easy.
Gobble it down so we can play spin the bottle,
Take off a few layers – be my private model,
Fuck see you laters – we party ‘till tomorrow,
You only die once – that’s the fucking motto,
Such a dime piece so I think I hit the lotto,
Oh you’ve got a man? Yea but so what though?
I have got 10…other girls just like you,
So then…can you be my other other boo?
Whether it’s a sin, I don’t even have a clue,
Take you to the kitchen – boom boom pow,
I know what you’re thinkin’…of right now,
But baby please…just don’t say it out loud!


[Verse 2]

Baby, I can make you love me g-g-g-g-gently,
‘Cause everything I do is diffa-diffa-rently,
But before I intently go nuts,
I will incidentally do doughnuts in your GT Bentley!
Majestic is the name but call me Mr. Crazy,
Matter of fact I could use a couple more ladies,
Fill your daddy’s yacht with a couple of sluts,
Park it in the backyard – we can make a party out of that,
And if you got one of those Maybachs,
There’s a parking lot full of those old crocks,
‘Cause me and Renars know all about cars, (yea)
Trying to decide on which double R to get,
I used to want the Phantom but now I want the Wraith,
Let’s negotiate it later, do you mind mate?
‘Cause I have got a date – cannot be selfish,
Bring a car around and let’s vanish in a Vanquish!



Time flies different for different people,
Fortunately to me there’s no one equal.
They say there’s not enough hours in the day,
I tell them “use the night and don’t complain”.

[Verse 3]

Nothing just happens – everything is planned,
I picked you for tonight, because you stand,
Out, and I be the one you cannot go without,
We only have a night so let’s go all out,
But the drinks are on you – yes no doubt,
‘Cause I know all about your wealthy butt,
So you’re a rich bitch or a rich slut?
No offense girl but I like that a lot!
When I first caught, a glimpse I was lost,
For words, because I never even thought,
You got a hot body underneath all the cloth,
But enough about you let’s talk about us,
Shall we pop a molly or you want a Bloody Mary?
‘Cause personally I prefer to pop a cherry,
I know I’m very good but on the contrary,
Do not chase me like we are Tom & Jerry!
Bad girl!