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Beat Name: Welcome Back
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"Dear subscribers,
today I had to take a hard decision. I decided to let my network EXMGE claim all my music by AudioID on third party channels. I have to do this, because more and more rappers stealing my beats and include them into audioID with other companies who don’t cares about that. This causes that many of the creators using my music getting more and more false claims because of this stolen beats. By activating AudioID for my beats, my network can figure out who is illegally claiming my music to avoid that and can protect my music.
I’m really sorry about that and hope for your understanding folks.

➤My Program: FL Studio 11
➤My Midi Keyboard: U-CONTROL UMX610 (Behringer)
➤My Audio Interface: US-144MKII (Tascam)
➤My Monitors: ESI nEar05 (ESI)
➤My Headphones: DT 770 PRO, 250 Ohms (Beyerdynamic)

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