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ExpertBeats.com - You Got Lyrics? We Got Beats!
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♫ // Rap Beats / Hip-Hop Instrumentals. // ♫

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▼ Produced By Anton Soder:


Beat Description:
Mid-tempo freestyle beat with modern drum sound and change ups, Available Exclusively for $399. Contact us for further information.

Know the Kind of Beats You Need.

Before you look for instrumentals, you should first determine what type of beat you need. If you want to rap over it, you need to choose from different types that suits your own. Some of the types to consider are Dirty South, Hip-Hop, Pop, East Coast, West Coast, and Club, just to name a few. An instrumental can make or break your song. This is why it is important to first know your style before buying or downloading beats. ExpertBeats offers a wide variety of genres and free beats.

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Freestyle Hip-Hop Instrumental Beat // Upside Ya Head // Expert Beats 2015


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