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Авторска песен на rock/metal/acoustic бандата - Amayah (София).


Video & Artwork: myTempleofflesh


I used to watch the skies

I used to see the stars

in the ocean of your eyes

I used to feel the sun

to know its flame

through the fire of your touch

Now when the dawn breaks

outside my window

I turn my eyes away

I don't wanna see

'cause all its colors

are just a shade of gray to me, to me

They remind me

it's yet another day

without your love

I roam upon this earth alone

my heart's a stone

without your love

I walk through pain and dark alone

all bruised and torn..

I used to know the line

between right and wrong

I knew where to hold

and where to begin

Now all I have is

these broken pieces

screaming in my mind

They remind me

it's yet another day

without your love..

And I wait, I wait all alone..

And I wait, I wait all my life for you..


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