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A. A. Lucassen


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Албум: The New Real
Песен: 02 - Pink Beatles In A Purple Zeppelin


Why create more music if it was all done before?
Computer generated noise in millions of gigs of all kinds and all formats
Imagine 7D plus... flash your ID, pick your heart's desire.
Click it, keep it... it's auto-drive pre-shock momma

Verse 1:
Every song's been sung before
Every note's been played
Every chord's been strung before
... and every melody's been made

Verse 2:
They've heard it all by now
Nothing left to be inspired by
It all seems so unreal somehow
As I sit back and close my eyes

I just think of what I'd like
Any blend will do
They reproduce what's in my mind
But it feels like something new

Pink Beatles in a Purple Zeppelin
Same old sound, different song
(and the song remains the same)
Pink Beatles in a Purple Zeppelin
Sounds so right, feels so wrong

Verse 3:
Every tune's been hummed before
Every album's been produced
eEery rhyme has been applied before
... and every music style has fused

Chorus x 2


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