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Понякога,за малко,,, я ИМА,иначе си прав :) :)

Идеален клип,идеален профил,идеални коментари! :) :) (handshake) за посланията от филмите и дано да не си остават само в пространството на киносалоните.Хубаво е,когато те вдъхновяват красивите и добри неща в човека.

Всичко,всичко е за тях :* :*


Добре дошъл!!! (handshake)

;) Да! (handshake)

(dance) (love) (love) :) :)

Sweets for my sweet.... :) :)


Bubble it! :)


:) :)




I’m writing this to you at 3AM one more letter I will never send.So much more than lines upon a page maybe it don’t matter anyway.You’ve been moving on or so it seems so why do you still visit all my dreams could it be that I am losing touch holding on to what is left or never was. They say time will make the heart forget but I’m not over you just yet maybe I’m just bound to be a fool to play the game of love again the state of mind the shape I’m in its more than I believe..

I guess I need to learn to be alone if I’m ever gonna make it on my own cause everybody knows that love won’t last in a heart that’s living in the past so I’ll hide behind a smile when I’m afraid and think about the choice I could’ve made well maybe in some other place and time like motion pictures playing over in my mind.