Искрено и много лично: Най-маловажното нещо е кой как ни вижда⭐🧐


👉Автор: Станислава Гавазова

My Impact

В наши дни хората все по-трудно споделят за преживени травми или проблеми. Причините за това могат да бъдат най-разнообразни, но най-често тя се корени в страха ни дали ще получи одобрение от близките и приятелите си, или не.  Някои се страхуват от възможността те да бъдат отхвърлени или осъдени. Не са малко случаите, когато хората, решили да споделят за сериозни травми в миналото си не получават нужната подкрепа, която са очаквали, а това носи ново разочарование за тях.  Страхът, че могат да изглеждат слаби в очите на другите, също спира мнозина от това да говорят открито за проблемите и преживени травми и негативни моменти. 

@annsvan Most of us are pretty damn average at everything we do. Sometimes, we get in our own way and believe we can't do something because we don't know how... or if we do find the courage we think that someone will judge us. When you choose to live in a van or choose a life of travel, there's so much more than just the pretty pictures and videos you see. My favorite part is the people I meet, the experiences I have, and the community that is built. Those are the people and moments I learn from the most. Some of my favorite moments this past year, wouldn't be considered "instagram worthy" because they aren't beautiful images of mountains or something badass I have done. But to me they are precious. I had never sang karaoke before this year because the only time I did, I got boo'd off the stage. I never tried it again. Then when I was on my Bali group trip, we went to a karaoke bar and I saw everyone get up and sing. Even someone I thought was so shy, got up and I just froze and sat there too scared to take my turn. To me, that moment taught me so much. Was I just living a facade? Was I really even that free if I was too damn scared to get up at a karaoke bar and sing in front of 10 people I knew? So I got the f up and sang. I chose the same song I had once got boo'd off the stage for and this time, I had a group of people who sang and even danced with me. I will never forget that moment. Y'all have created a monster. I could go on and on telling stories of my travels and times I felt uncomfortable but I wouldn't be able to fit it all in here. Who cares if we can't sing, can't dance, or paint well. Do it anyway. I can't build things well, but I do it any way. You want to keep your 9 to 5 and not quit it because you need stability but you wanna be a weekend warrior, but everyone is telling you to quit your job and live in a van - lol. Don't do it then. Let's normalize doing what we want even if other people think that it's not that great. #vanlife #fyp #poem @Whitney Hanson ♬ original sound - Annie

Разбирането на ситуацията и подкрепата от страна на близки и познати са много важни. Разбира се, в днешно време има и доста анонимни форуми и онлайн пространства, в които хората могат да споделят за проблемите си и това им носи сериозно удовлетворение, като в същото време могат да получат и много важна подкрепа. Други пък решават открито да говорят за проблемите и травмите, които са преживели в миналото.  Едно от най-важните неща обаче е, да осъзнаем, че мнението на околните не е толкова решаващо. Нека го кажем по друг начин. Най-маловажно е какво някой си мисли за нас в даден момент. 

@reclaim.today There it is again, “Choose Joy!” What a stupid line! At least that’s how you feel. If it was that simple, wouldn’t we all just “choose joy” all the time? If it was that easy, wouldn’t we all be happier? Wouldn’t it be easier to walk around with a smile?    “Choose joy” … I’ll show you some joy!    Maybe we need to rethink joy a bit. Maybe we need help experiencing joy. Maybe it’s not up to us to conjure it up out of thin air. Here’s what we pray when we’d really like some joy, but we’ve discovered that we can’t control it as much as we want.    𝐒𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:13).   𝐀 𝐏𝐫𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐉𝐨𝐲 Joy-giver—who created joy, defines joy, is joy—meet me in my sadness and discouragement, and comfort me with your presence. Help me see what’s good in my life, and in the world. Lead me to gratitude for all your good gifts. As I navigate the difficulties in my life, the stuff that hurts, the dark night of the soul kind of stuff, remind me that real joy, your joy, comes with the morning. Amen.     #christiantiktok #christiansoftiktok #prayer #foryou #foryoupage #reclaimtoday ♬ Echos in My Mind (Lofi) - Muspace Lofi

Не сме тук, за да се харесваме на някого. Ние сме тук, за да се предизвикваме, да растем и да се мотивираме един друг. Не сме тук, за да си пречим. Тук сме да се учим и растем, помагайки си един на друг.  Нищо не е така както изглежда. Понякога човекът, който ни напада, напада единствено и само себе си. Опитайте се да им помогнете, но ако не ви забележат, то понякога отсъствието ви е точно това, което ще ги научи. Планът на Бог е много по-голям, отколкото можем да си представим. 


I only hurt for what i because. My mind is always blank and now i think more then trust. I cope in everyway. I know know how to touch. I help you see my pain and you keep showing me love. I rap for what im after not addicted to drugs. I battle with addiction i conflict with myself. Emotions never leave i never hurt no one else. I know i put myself in side your shoes i give up. Im running from myself. I only feel what i crash, your more than just a bar cuz i be thinking of trust. Im sorry ive been up my own ass. I hurt us all the same, the blame i hurt for is us, i peak my mind to speak my soul im laways switching it up, dont forget i battle everything you think you become. Im not a lover im a fighter i dont sing give love. I dont have a voice and im the problem i because. Im only tryna fix all you dumb, mistakes. With moves you make. See i aint even trusted for love. I always get attacked u beat myself of the mud. I never come right back i run to you who i must. I keep helping myself because you care because i feel no face i switch up. Im only tryna fight for whats real. I know i have you to call. Cuz we already make up. Im more than just conflicted with what. You always take away i only write from above. I only see cage. Im just a fighter i run, dont you think i walked aways its been a day not a month. You see my issue i dont speak i only listen to the pain i hear them say, i shut up. Your mouth is mind to write a song about love. Healed you but explained the only pain i give up. Im sorry i fucked up. im not sperate i spirit to heal. im a realist ill find it. now im looking for more people to save. my own ass? just like you babe. you own that. everyone hates me because they know im lost now. lol i found eveything. im perfect. all for all. what can i take away from you? im scared. save yourself. im tryna scream at my own message. tik tok might still my credit card from me. but tik tok is evil for everyone of us americans.im chinese. i dont beileve everybody im fighting against. china is awesome. gave me all my accounts i wanted to create lol. tik tok gave me everything. thank u china. how can u spy on life. ur white as me? lmao im moving to china when im older.

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В крайна сметка няма грешки и неща, които да са грешни. Ние сме хора и се учим по пътя, който вървим. Ние имаме своите ограничения, живеем в собствените си умове и граници, които понякога ни карат да правим неща, които откровено не разбираме. Ако всички бяхме перфектни, то щеше да бъде наистина скучно. Не скучаем точно заради различията, които имаме.  За някого може би сме аутсайдери, с други се разбираме, трети пък ни смятат за перфектни. Всеки обаче намира своя път, по който върви в живота си. Той ни води точно там, където трябва да бъдем, за да можем да растем всеки ден. 

@realenlightenment Are you confused about the difference between consciousness and the soul? Many people make the mistake of equating the two, but they are actually very different concepts. In this video, we'll explore what consciousness is, how it functions in the brain, and why it's not the same as the soul. We'll also discuss the spiritual and religious beliefs surrounding the soul and why it's important not to confuse the two. Join us as we delve into this fascinating topic and gain a deeper understanding of the nature of our existence. #consciousness #soul #metaphysics #brainfunction #awareness #spirituality #religion #immortality #philosophy #neurons #synapses #existence #afterlife #naturalphenomenon #incorporeal #essence #transcendence #death #nature #realenlightenment #concept #mindbody #science #humanexperience #perception #enlightenment ♬ original sound - Real Enlightenment

Всички трябва да опитаме. Всички заслужаваме шанс и любов. Не можем да се страхуваме от промяната, защото промяната сме самите ние. Не можем да се страхуваме от самите себе си. Да обичаме себе си е единственият начин да обичаме и другите. Да останем когато можем и да си тръгнем, когато трябва. Нито едното не е грешно или лошо, а напротив – любов и растеж. 

@thecodayoda Allowing others to see us in our messiness is actually a way to deepen intimacy. Those of us who only show our put together side, who think we have to have it all figured out do this because we feel, deep down, that we aren’t lovable unless we are perfect. Unless we are providing value. Unless we are needed. We also fear allowing ourselves to rely on others for emotional support because if we do that and they leave..then what? So we save ourselves the potential disappointment and we control the situation by only showing a specific version of ourselves. If you are on a journey to start addressing and changing these deeply rooted narratives, you have to start acting in ways that don’t feel natural, things that make you uncomfortable. Like allowing the people in your life to see you be a mess. To see you be overwhelmed, confused, emotional…to see the authentic you. Not the shiny bow on top you. This is an excerpt from @theangrytherapist and my weekend couple’s workshop where we work through the topics we write about in our book It’s Not Me It’s You such as: -How to Fight Without Fighting -Different Attachment Styles -Different Love Languages -Over and Underfunctioning -Codependency -Keeping the Spark Alive and sooo much more! We are running our 2nd weekend retreat for couples September 8-10 in Idyllwild, CA. If you and your partner are in need of a reboot, some new tools to break out of unhealthy patterns, or just want to reconnect and go deeper… join us! Link in my bio for details and to sign up. *Payment plans are also available!* #fyp #fyptherapy #therapytiktok #therapytiktoks #tiktoktherapysessions #senseofself #Codependencyrecovery #therapytok #coupletherapy #couplestherapy #couplesretreat #wellnessretreats ♬ original sound - Vanessa Bennett, LMFT

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