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USA: Tornado batters Texas leaving trail of destruction

3 21.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Coppell Fire Department fire engines, Dallas
W/S Man comforts boy
SOT, Citizen: "The phone started going off with the tornado warning, and then the sirens started going off, so we went and got everybody in the house. So we got them into the centre hallway, and then shortly after that the whole house started vibrating, and you could hear the trees breaking, the branches falling."
C/U Broken tree
W/S Fire engine
SOT, Citizen: "Right after that we came outside and we saw that the whole neighbourhood was wrecked. The shopping centre, the roof was blown off of it. The windows were blown out, cars were flipped over."
W/S A mother comforts a child
W/S Police officers
W/S Police car arrives
SOT, Citizen: "Kids were crying, they were screaming, they were scared. The pets - my dogs - were howling. But you know we're were all... Like I said we went to the middle hallway of the house."
W/S Police vehicle, with flashing lights in the background
A tornado descended upon Dallas, Texas, on Sunday night. The storm ripped through buildings, including a shopping centre and left over 112,000 people without electricity.
There was a large presence of emergency services to help deal with the aftermath. Police worked overnight to check on residents.
A citizen recounted hearing the tornado sirens and receiving warnings on his phone. He recalled how his "whole neighbourhood was wrecked," after the tornado had passed.
Three people are being treated with storm-related injuries that are not life threatening, according to reports. Six schools in Dallas were closed on Monday as a result of structural damage inflicted on the facilities.
Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas have been issued with a tornado watch and severe weather warning.