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Running of the balls? No bulls in sight during Spanish tradition with a twist

1 23.08.2019 Инфо

M/S Children pushing ball, Mataelpino
M/S Men pushing ball
C/U Man ringing bell
W/S Man holding ball
W/S People running from ball
M/S People running from ball
W/S People running from ball
W/S People entering arena
M/S Ball being pushed
M/S People inside arena
M/S Man sitting on fence
C/U Sign
Hundreds of people took part in the 'Running of the balls' event where they were chased by giant balls in the Spanish city of Mataelpino on Friday, as part of a festival that swapped the traditional bull run for a ball one eight years ago.
The event that attracts local residents as much as visitors, saw people running away from 30-kilogram (66 pounds) balls, which were rolled downhill, in an attempt not to get crushed. Smaller and lighter balls were offered for children to join in the fun.
Mataelpino, which is a small village 50 kilometres (31 miles) from Madrid, has been using giant balls for the run instead of bulls for many reported reasons, such as financial difficulties, cruelty-free approach to the run and elimination of injuries during the event.