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France: Anti-police protest held in Hendaye as G7 continues

3 25.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters marching, Hendaye
M/S Police and protesters
M/S Protesters marching
M/S Protesters marching
M/S Protesters marching
M/S Police
M/S Protesters gathering at square
M/S Police
M/S Police
W/S Protesters
W/S Protesters marching
W/S Protesters and police
W/S Protest
Protesters took to the streets of Hendaye, France, on Sunday, to march against recent arrests made by the French police at protests against the ongoing G7 summit.
Tear gas and water cannon were used against protesters amid clashes in Bayonne on Saturday, while a number of arrests were also reported at the demonstration.
French President Emmanuel Macron announced months ahead of the summit that "unprecedented" security forces would be in place Biarritz and the surrounding cities during the G7.
Over 13,000 additional police officers, 400 firefighters and 13 emergency units were reportedly deployed to safeguard the event with soldiers and drones also on hand.
Despite the ban on protests in Biarritz, demonstrators continue to hold anti-G7 rallies in nearby locations such as Hendaye, while the G7 summit runs from August 24 to August 26.