Привърженик на ИДИЛ уби полицай и приятелката му във Франция

A heavy police presence was on site in the Parisian suburb of Magnanville, early on Tuesday morning, after a French police officer was among three people to be killed during a hostage situation late on Monday evening.
The officer was reportedly stabbed outside his home in Magnanville some 35 miles (55km) west of the French capital, with the policeman's wife and child reportedly taken hostage.
After police arrived on the scene, negotiations began with the suspect, but quickly broke down, with the police storming and purportedly killing the assailant, who was reportedly a neighbour of the family.
According to law enforcement, a woman was found dead inside the house, but police officials stated that they were able to save the son.
French President Francois Hollande announced that a meeting would be held at the presidential palace on Tuesday morning to discuss the case.