Ukraine: Footage captures arson attack on 'pro-Russian' TV station in Kiev

A group of so-far unidentified masked assailants set fire to the entrance of the Ukrainian Inter TV channel in Kiev on Thursday.
The footage shows a group of four masked people running towards the entrance before throwing down four tires and setting them alight with an accelerant. The incident was allegedly a warning to - what Ukrainian nationalists reportedly consider to be - a 'Kremlin propaganda' channel.
Inter TV channel is known for broadcasting programs with several well-known Russian singers and musicians including Iosif Kobzon, Valeria, and Oleg Gazmanov. All were declared persona non grata in Ukraine for their strong and vocal support for the rebels fighting in east Ukraine, combined with a disapproval of the current government in Kiev.
The National Council of Television and Broadcasting of Ukraine sent an official warning to the channel after the shows appeared on air.