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Spain: Civil unrest rocks Barcelona for sixth consecutive night

3 20.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters trying to break parasol and fire erupting, Barcelona
W/S Protesters behind fire and barricade
W/S Protesters trying to break parasol
M/S Protesters chanting behind fire
W/S Protesters putting parasol onto fire
W/S Protesters trying to break down sign
W/S Police advancing towards protesters
W/S Fire on street
M/S Fire on street
W/S Man putting fire out
W/S Smoke bomb going off
W/S Protesters throwing projectiles
M/S Police gathered
M/S Police gathered
W/S Protesters chanting on street
W/S Protesters singing at police stand-off
W/S Police and press in front of protesters
W/S Protesters chanting
W/S Protesters chanting
W/S Protesters singing at police stand-off
M/S Looters robbing Aw Lab store
W/S Damaged shutters of Vodafone store
M/S Looters robbing Aw Lab store
W/S Suspected looter being arrested
W/S Suspected looter being taken to police car
W/S Police suspected looter to police car
M/S Suspected looter being arrested
M/S Shattered glass of store front
M/S Damaged glass of store
M/S Damage inside of Aw Lab store
M/S Broken glass on floor
C/U Broken glass
W/S Police cars driving by
M/S Trainer on floor and police car driving past
Civil unrest continued to unfold on the streets of Barcelona on Saturday for the sixth consecutive night as protesters carried on their demonstrations decrying the Spanish Supreme Court ruling jailing Catalan independence leaders, acts of looting also took place during the night.
Footage shows fires burning on the streets of the Catalan capital, demonstrators throwing projectiles at police and huge crowds of protesters staging a sit-in during a standoff with local police.
Acts of looting could be seen taking place Barcelona's Avinguda del Portal de l'angel. Police can be seen arresting suspected looters and damage to various stores is visible.
Spain's Supreme Court convicted nine independence leaders in total, including former Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras, for their role in the autonomous region's attempt to secede and holding an illegal independence referendum.
The sentence against the Catalan leaders unleashed a wave of protests and riots that reached its sixth consecutive day, leaving hundreds injured and dozens of detainees.