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Syria: Media welcomed aboard Russian destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov in Latakia

17 22.01.2016 Инфо

International media was invited to come and sail on the Russian destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov near the coast of Tartus on Friday.
A large anti-submarine ship arrived in the Mediterranean Sea at the end of 2015 to replace the frigate "Sharp-witted" which in its turn came back to its mother port in Sevastopol.
Destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov is part of the Russian Northern Fleet and its main base is in Severomorsk. Apart from various kinds of missiles, the ship carries on board two Ka-27 helicopters which helps to discover targets underwater, with sonar systems being used to pick up objects in deep water.
In 2014 the crew of the destroyer carried out missions for eight and a half months in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.