Majestic - Sultan [official video]



Producer: Rameca Records
Music, Sound Recording & Mastering: Bate Sasho
Lyrics: Majestic
Models: Paolina Ivanova, Simona Mihalkova, Nina Izvorska, Virginia Simeonova, Mina Yaneva, Elena Vian, Roxane Gotz & Antonio Nikolov
Video Production: Wonder Swamp



Yea…now I’m gonna make sure you remember my name…Majestic!


I’m building an empire – climbing up higher,
I shall never retire – spitting up fire,
Like a dungeon dragon – you cannot imagine,
What would happen – if I took some action!
I would take your girl, take her all around the world,
Make her head twirl, diamonds and pearls, harem full of girls,
This is my universe, I make up the rules,
Without a fucking plan, ‘cause I’mma be a sultan!

[Verse 1]

Who the fuck I am? Who the fuck are you?
I am building dreams so how about you?
Last time I saw you, you was still the same dude,
Still boo-ed, still screwed, same blues, no news!
So what’s new with me? Let’s see where to begin…
I’ve been travelling on all the continents,
I stayed anonymous and full of confidence,
So fuck a consequence, advance and never miss a chance!
Now dance bitch dance, ‘cause you don’t need bandz,
And I don’t care which Benz your boyfriend has,
And yes, I’m light-years ahead,
Of everyone else – an animal in bed!
I don’t spit – I vomit, I don’t rent – I own it,
Boss – you know it, Gold Visa in my wallet,
I see it – I want it, I don’t think – I call it,
The kush – I sold it, in the club – I ball it!


[Verse 2]

I dominate the dominos – call it dominance,
I think I stole your miss – broken promises,
Oh yes, she looks fine without a wedding dress,
I guess this is why I don’t receive compliments…
Fuck this! Driving through the streets, bitches on the seats,
Black rims, black tints, black jeans, black Tims,
Breitling, Rolex, Omega,
Platinum, gold and ‘oh my God’!
Pick up models from the pub, bring ‘em to the club,
Pop a few bottles then bring ‘em to my tub,
They fell in love ‘cause of, ‘cause of all of the above,
I fell in love ‘cause they, ‘cause they keep my dick up!
Never give a fuck, made my own luck,
Tougher than Chuck, made my first buck,
Now everything is mines, one of a kinds,
Some of the times, listen between the rhymes!