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Venezuela: National Assembly re-approve Guaido as interim president

1 18.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido enters National Assembly, Caracas
M/S Guaido greets and salutes members of National Assembly
W/S National Assembly in session
SOT, Juan Guaido, Head of the Venezuelan National Assembly (Spanish): "Because today I imagine that General Padrino (López, Minister of Defence) who was declaring that he did not even manage to achieve what they had promised. They did not comply with anything. That Maduro was ridiculed. And I refer to Padrino, because it is clear that Maduro does not rule. It is evident that he is were left without any power. He sent his representatives yesterday to sign an alleged agreement with people (opponents) and they don't even comply. Who sabotaged it? Cabello (Diosdado)? That is the information we have."
W/S National Assembly in session
SOT, Juan Guaido, Head of the Venezuelan National Assembly (Spanish): "This proposal is not supported only by us, by the way. And if the regime wanted to distract attention from the central proposal that they themselves abandoned, they left in a rush, today, very early in the morning the European Union stepped in their way. What I do appreciate, was the immediate response of the European Union which recognises this parliament only and exclusively, as its statement said. Anything else is an invention. This was said by the European Union itself, and of course our allies
W/S National Assembly approve Guaido's motion
Venezuela's opposition-controlled National Assembly ratified Juan Guaido as interim president until the "usurpation" of Nicolas Maduro is over, in a vote held in Caracas on Tuesday.
The confirmation follows a day after the Maduro's government and a section of the opposition agreed to begin talks on resolving the economic and politic crisis within the country, thus marginalising Guaido.
In his speech, Guaido criticised the government for excluding the internationally-recognised opposition from the talks.
The vote means that Guaido will continue as Head of the National Assembly beyond January 5, 2020, when his mandate is due to expire. The position was shared on a rotating basis between coalition partners.