Edward Snowden's NY Times Op-Ed on NSA Leaks

Two years after he leaked secret NSA documents, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden says he does not regret his decision.
In an op-ed for the New York Times on Thursday, Snowden wrote that one of his biggest worries prior to releasing the documents to journalists was that public would simply be indifferent.
Among other victories for his cause, Snowden listed ending the mass surveillance of private phone calls under the Patriot Act as well as the U.N. declaring mass surveillance a violation of human rights.
Just this week, Congress approved sweeping changes to surveillance laws enacted after the Sept. 11 attacks, eliminating the NSA's disputed bulk phone-records collection program and replacing it with a more restrictive measure to keep the records in phone companies' hands.
But Snowden ominously noted that the struggle is far from over.