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Mexico: Dozens of policemen injured in clashes with taxi drivers

Dozens of police officers were injured in the San Francisco Culhuacan area of Mexico City, Wednesday, after more than 150 taxi drivers clashed with police in a bid to prevent a verification operation for motorcycle taxis in the area. As tensions mounted, the protesters threw Molotov cocktails, firecrackers, stones and other objects at the police officers.
Six people were detained and one firearm was recovered following the clashes. Some 800 police officers were dispatched to the area to restore public order and prevent further clashes.
Secretary of Public Security of Mexico City, Hiram Almeida Estrada, reported that the injured policemen received medical treatment following the incident, saying "Ten [police officers] have been taken to the hospital due to the contusions and bruises, with 22 [of them] being slightly injured." One San Francisco Culhuacan's resident, who witnessed the incident, noted that the "police vans arrived to take the motorcycle taxis, which angered people. That was what has happened. And now they are attacking us."