Tracing Affleck's Family Tree to His Slave-holding Ancestor

Affleck identified his slaveowning relative as Benjamin Cole on social media. Here's how The Associated Press, using census records and other documents, connected Affleck and Cole — men born more than 150 years apart.
In 1857 Benjamin L. Cole of Savannah, Georgia, marries Georgia A. Speissegger. They are Affleck's great-great-great grandparents. Public records show Cole had been married at least once previously.
In 1862: The Coles have a daughter, Maggie Cole. She is Affleck's great-great grandmother.
In 1921: Affleck's grandmother, Elizabeth N. Roberts, is born in New York to Lawrence Roberts and Margaret Roberts.
In 1972: Ben Affleck is born to Timothy and Chris Ann Affleck (formerly Boldt) in Berkeley, California.