Сблъсъци на протестиращи против американската база в Япония с полицията

Hundreds of protesters scuffled with police outside the new ‘Camp Schwab’ in north-eastern Okinawa’s Henoko, Saturday, with officers detaining several demonstrators decrying the US military base. The Okinawans attempted to block traffic going into the base, with some hitting cars with protest signs. Many residents resent the fact their small island on Japan's southernmost prefecture plays host to an estimated 26,000 US troops. The relocation of the airbase has been met with fierce opposition since the project’s plans were drawn up in 1996, with the current mayor of Nago city Susumu Inamine vocally against the Henoko relocation plan. Okinawa's present governor Takeshi Onaga has also vowed to put a stop to the project.