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Artist Creates Genius Improvement to NYC Subway Signs

17 13.05.2015 Инфо

Navigating the New York City subway system can be difficult enough for someone unfamiliar with the rat-filled underworld of the city. But figuring out which subway exit leads to what street can be quite disorienting, especially if you aren't a seasoned pro.
Rhode Island School of Design student Ryan Murphy devised a simple and effective way to inform passengers exactly what street and which direction they'll be heading, without the need for extensive construction or difficult installation.
Murphy's project, called "Hacking the Subway," incorporates two small signs located on the vertical section of the subway's exit stairs to allow people to see the direction they're heading, and useful street information. Currently the subway exit signs only include cross streets and directional corner.
Using the 86th Street 4/5/6 station, Murphy placed his signs at a variety of locations like the turnstiles and ceiling before choosing the stairs.