Greek Leader Says Greece Nearing Compromise Deal on EU Debts

The Greek leader, Alexis Tsipras, indicated on Sunday evening that his negotiating team was nearing a compromise deal to avert Athens defaulting on its debts and being dumped out of the eurozone.
After a weekend of intense talks with EU officials in Brussels, the final bid to keep Greece afloat will boil down to a tug-of-war deal over the country’s staggering debt load, which Athens has insisted be cut as the price for further cuts in public spending. Politicians instructed by the radical left prime minister to fight Athens’s corner, in what is being billed as the very last chance to cut a deal after five months of fruitless talks, will press for debt relief in exchange for concessions demanded by international creditors. Greece’s bailout accord expires on 30 June with lenders at the EU, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund setting a meeting of euro group finance ministers on Thursday as the cut-off date for an agreement to be sealed.