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Two servicemen from the Czech Republic and one from Germany were declared the world’s toughest firefighters after proving their skill and endurance in the world championship of the ‘Toughest Firefighter Alive’ (TFA) at the Exhibition INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover on Saturday. Lukas Novak from Czech Republic won the first place after taking only 5.54 minutes to complete a 4 stage parkour. Alexander Meyer and Kubin Pavel were joint second place with a total time of 6.10 minutes. The firefighters had the opportunity to show off their talents during several different stages, which included “rescuing” an 80kg (176 lbs) dummy and ascending the 65m (213ft) high Hermes Tower wearing full protective gear. In TFA the servicemen can participate on a National, European or World Championship level. It originally started in the US and is often referred to as the “Firefighters Ironman Competition.” This year’s TFA took place for the 17th time and ran from June 8-13.


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